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Chicago, Illinois: UFO/USO Sighting at close range

Posted on October 4, 2011 at 8:35 PM

Date: Saturday October, 01, 2011

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Time: 23:00 (approximate)

How many witnesses: 2

My boyfriend and I were out for a late night stroll along the lakeshore, it was about 11:30 and we were headed back home along the Montrose Beach waterfront. As we headed toward the tunnel that leads us under Lake Shore Drive and our condo, a bright light caught our attention and we stopped and walked off the path toward the lake shore.

There about 200 yards from shore was a green glowing disc, it looked like a discus that you use during track and field events, except it was slowly oscillating and glowing green.

If I had to estimate, the object was roughly 40-60 feet across and maybe 12-15 feet in height, the object was totally silent and effortlessly hovered about 6-10 feet above the water.

As we watched, the object slowly drifted to the east for about 30 feet, again totally silent.

As we watched this object drifted over, a bright light began to emanate from the water and to our utter amazement/horror, a SECOND object arose out of the water!!

Both objects hovered above the water for about 45 seconds, then both objects suddenly changed color to a burnt orange and then suddenly shot off to the west, they both rose suddenly and were out of sight within a few seconds. My boyfriend and I were both left there with our jaws on the floor, we stared out over the water for about a minute, before we both looked at each other and tried to make heads or tails of what just happened.

We both sat down at a nearby bench and talked about what we had both seen, my boyfriend telling me about a couple of UFO sightings he had as a child, eventually we made our way to our condo.

Ever since, I catch myself looking out over the lake from our living room window, hoping to catch a glimpse of something again.

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